Call this the flight from Hell. You think that the wait through the grope and body search is bad at TSA stops in the U.S. You think that lost luggage is bad. You think that sitting on the tarmac for three hours is bad. From Fox News:

Hundreds of passengers traveling from India to Britain were stranded for six hours in Vienna when their Comtel Air flight stopped for fuel on Tuesday. The charter service asked them to kick in more than $31,000 to fund the rest of the flight to Birmingham, England.

The situation may represent a new low in customer care in an era when flyers are seeing long lines, long waits and few perks. Britain’s Channel 4 news broadcast video showing a Comtel cabin crew member telling passengers: “We need some money to pay the fuel, to pay the airport, to pay everything we need. If you want to go to Birmingham, you have to pay.”

Some passengers said they were sent off the plane to cash machines in Vienna to raise the money.

And you thought the only pirates around were attacking boats in the waters off-of the African coast!

How could an airline not know in advance the costs of the route they were hired to fly and charge — before hand — accordingly?

And, if they had any integrity at all, and they screwed-up on those costs, they should have eaten the loss to preserve their integrity. Or, maybe, this airline doesn’t have any reputation to preserve.