Several centuries from now, on a distant planet, Terran oversight ends, leaving the two settled nations to fend for themselves. One nation, Abkhenazia, was founded upon the principles of a hybrid religion; a mix of a totalitarian theocracy, Islam, plus some other ingredients thrown in for good measure. A smaller country, New Geneva, was founded much later on Christian and democratic principles (a la how America was founded,) and lays to the South.

Abkhenazia is a poor country mired in overpopulation, subjugation and propaganda.

New Geneva citizens concentrated upon education, scientific advancement, and capitalism. And, self-reliance of the people, including the basic tenant that all able-bodied citizens reaching the age of 16 become members of the militia.

A coup by ‘Purists’ in Abkhenazia, combined with the exit of the Terran protective umbrella, results in a war of aggression against New Geneva. Although possessing inferior technology, Abkhenazia has overwhelming numbers of soldiers and arms and they smash their way across the border into New Geneva with devastating results.

That’s the premise for an exciting new science fiction novel by J. Wesley Bush titled, Knox’s Irregulars, available from Amazon in an electronic edition (Kindle) for just $2.99 and you won’t find a better way to spend such a small amount of money for several hours of rollicking good entertainment.

How do a handful of surviving New Genevan soldiers and a rag-tag collection of citizen militia members out-fox a huge, well-armed army occupying a major city? Along the way, the leader of the opposition slowly develops his faith, both in himself and in God.

J. Wesley Bush is a good writer who keeps things moving at a fast pace. Unlike some writers, he’s also not afraid to sacrifice major characters in acts of heroism. He has a website dedicated to the book that you’ll also find interesting.

Knox’s Irregulars is highly recommended and my thanks to the author for sending me a PDF review copy. I spent a pleasant part of yesterday wrapped-up in the story.