Atria Books kindly sent me a review copy of James Wesley, Rawles’ Survivors, a fiction novel in which the economy, and then the government of the United States falls apart. While visiting family a few days ago (and lacking internet there) I took the opportunity to read it.

First, a quick couple of links. You can order the book from Amazon, here. I am not an Amazon Associate so the link is a simple search link. At this moment, they are offering the hardcover book for about half-price, $11.99 new. Wow!

James Wesley, Rawles is the proprietor of the very excellent Survival Blog which should be on your reading list.

Now, back to the story and, it’s a good one. It’s also quite plausible. The financial collapse of the United States (and world) economies brings governments everywhere to a standstill. Indeed, they become irrelevant as hyper-inflation sets in. The dollar is worth nothing. Americans begin bartering, or using ammunition and pre-1965 (that is, all silver) coinage for money.

Government services, as well as many state services are gone. Towns or counties are left to their own devices. One of the protagonists is a serviceman whose deployment overseas has ended, but he can’t return to his family in the United States.

Meanwhile, a roving band of thugs — robbers, rapists, etc. — are plowing through the southern west portion of our country. Looting and burning their way through Arizona and beyond.

A phony, hypocritical provisional and totally unconstitutional “legitimate” federal government centered in Knoxville, TN, invites the United Nation forces to help them re-capture the country.

Although a bit heavy on military acronyms in the beginning, just plow through that and enjoy a fast-paced — nominally! — fictional novel of what could be our future if the Democrats continue to hold power.

One of the things I enjoyed most about this book is the wealth of survivalist ideas it presents during the story. Everything from investing (before ‘The Crunch’ as the book puts it) in silver to using the old Flash Cubes (remember those Sylvania flashes of brilliance?) [Terrible pun, Jeff. - ed.] as an alarm and deterrent device.

And, of course, keep a supply of vegetable seeds on hand if you have any speck of land around you.

An fun read, though it will get you thinking about your own survival if matters here come to the worst. I spent several hours after turning the last page, speculating about what I really need, should do, must do, to survive a collapse of our current government.