Well, he certainly believes in carrying a firearm, but I wouldn’t use him — even if he is the top country music singer — as a spokesman for gun rights. From the Boston Herald:

“I’m all about good people, licensed and trained, carrying a concealed weapon,” Keith said. “The bad guys are always gonna be carrying guns. There are so many guns in the U.S., and so many bad people that do harm with ’em. If just 1 percent of the non-felons would go get their concealed-weapons license and carry a gun where they can, 1 percent puts you in a pretty good position of being somebody that could save a bunch of people’s lives.

I guess that my gripe is over his requirement that “good people” be licensed. The bad people aren’t licensed. Good People shouldn’t need a license to own or carry a firearm. They shouldn’t need to jump through hoops for, or prove a need for, or beg permission from a sheriff or government agency to practice the natural right (and constitutional right) to protect themselves. States such as NY, NJ, California, etc., require you to prove a “need” for a concealed-carry permit. And in NY and NJ, “self-defense” isn’t a valid reason. I call bull**** on that. Self-defense is the perfect reason.