From Israel Defense:

IWI has launched “Dan”, a new sniper rifle designed and developed by veteran Olympic target shooter and firearms specialist Nehemiah Sirkis. The new rifle is chambered for the .338 caliber, it weighs 6.9 kilograms and is intended for the law enforcement and military market as well as for the commercial (private ownership) market in the USA. The effective range of the new rifle is 1,200 meters and it includes Picatinni rails and an option for a suppressor (silencer). The rifle uses a bolt-action loading mechanism.

[ . . . ]

It is expected that the new sniper rifle will be offered in 7.62mm (.308) caliber as well in the near future. Regarding the .338 ammunition, it is not currently available to most military organizations, but it is undergoing development, including development by Israel Military Industries (IMI).

The rifle is already available to civilians in the U.S.

I have a fondness for bolt action rifles, having grown-up with them. Plus, with high-powered ammo, if the SHTF, it’s nice to have the ability to really reach out and, er, touch someone.