This morning we had a 2-hour blackout.

30-something years ago, living in N.J., A March “Noreaster” hit my town. Hackensack. No power for two days. Flooding to the garden apartments I lived in (well, just one of those apartments). Couldn’t go anywhere, no heat, no electricity, no nothing. After that, I bought lots of battery operated stuff like lights, tiny TV, radio, etc.

22-years-ago I moved to Vermont. A rural town where the power goes out about as often as the Red Sox lose games this season.

I live in a multifamily home. Can’t have a generator; just not possible. Meanwhile, power blackout after power blackout.

Finally, this past Winter, I made an investment in three APS UPS battery backups. Hefty ones that can keep my internet, router, CFL lights, and my auxiliary counter-top refrigerator going for about four hours. Actually, the one backing up the lights can go for about 24 hours.

Best investments I’ve ever made.