If you live on Long Island, NY, and recently got a traffic camera speeding ticket, this might interest you:

Nassau County of New York is forgiving thousands of speeding tickets issued this summer from malfunctioning speed cameras, totaling about $2.4 million in fines.

The Long Island county executive, Edward Mangano, said cameras from Arizona-based American Traffic Solutions near six schools were unreliable and issued tickets even when school was not in session. Traffic speeds are reduced dramatically during school hours.

“I don’t have a high confidence level that the cameras were operating at statutory levels,” Mangano told Newsday Friday. “So we are declaring amnesty with all tickets issued this summer.”

More at the link. Did you know that in Vermont, cops don’t need a radar gun to ticket you for speeding? They can just “estimate” how fast they THINK you were going. Frankly though, I’ve never heard of that actually happening.