Are the dogs growing weary of Obama’s lap? The Daily Caller has a partial transcript from Sunday’s Meet the Press where — at least foreign-policy-wise — Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell turn on their chosen one:

As American bombs again fall on that country, President Obama responded to criticism that we should have left troops inside Iraq after 2011 by claiming the Iraqi government pushed the U.S. out.

“But, this president ideologically did not want to use more influence to –” host David Gregory began.

“Look, this was not an administration that was eager to tell [Iraqi Prime Minister] Maliki, ‘Oh, you don’t want a status-of-forces agreement?’” Todd agreed, explaining how the White House failed to pursue any agreement that would have left a stabilizing force.

“I’ve been trying to figure out this man’s doctrine now for six years,” Todd continued. “He doesn’t have one . . . He pushes and pulls between the idea of democracy first and stability first . . . Now he’s trying for stability first, and I think in this case he’s struggling.”

Mitchell slammed President Obama for his other excuse — that the sudden collapse of American allies, the Kurds, against Islamic State fighters was an unforeseen surprise.

“And to say that he didn’t have intelligence — this is not a hard target, this is [Kurdish capital] Erbil,” she laughed. “We have people there.”

“The fact is, there was intelligence,” she declared. “And to say that they were shocked by the [Kurdish] Peshmerga [fighters], on Saturday night, being routed is a farce!”