Like in Vermont, gun ’silencers’ are illegal in the Sunshine State. Florida Fish and Wildlife is considering changing that to protect hunter’s ears. Naturally, some people have a problem with that. From WPTV:

While hunters say suppressors are just a tool that makes what they do safer, opponents of the legalization of silencer use say is makes firearms even more dangerous.

“Is it about saving ears or is it about saving lives?” questioned Angela Williams, a gun control advocate who runs Mothers Against Murderers.

Williams is concerned people will not hear the sound of guns firing and feels that could turn deadly. She also thinks legalizing the use of silencers is just a move by the gun industry to ramp up sales.

“My biggest worry is if they do legalize it, it might get in the wrong hands,” said Williams.

First they complain that guns are too loud. Now, they’ll be too soft…

Okay, seriously, “Mothers Against Murderers?” Like, is there a “Mothers For Murderers” group out there? All these silly names that advocacy groups give themselves!