From Variety:

Whatever his personal qualities, the actor – who, according to TMZ, died over the weekend at the age of 86 – was the quintessential star on screen, someone who moved with apparent ease between comedy and drama, film and television, before that was quite as fashionable as it is today.

This was exemplified by signature TV roles like “Rockford” and “Maverick,” but that barely scratches the surface of the Garner persona, which combined square-jawed, matinee-idol looks with self-effacing qualities and easy-going charm.

I was a diehard Rockford Files fan.

Garner always struck me as Burt Reynolds without the off-screen drama. Here are some facts the Variety obituary doesn’t mention. He was married to the same woman for over 50-years. He served in the National Guard and the Army. He earned two Purple Hearts during his service in the Korean War. On and off the set he was respected for his professionalism.

Rest in peace, James Garner. Thanks for so many pleasant viewing hours by the TV.