It’s getting ugly out there. From the Yakima Herald:

At least four other cases have been filed recently in Eastern Washington’s federal courts. One involves Kettle Falls family members who will go on trial later this month, possibly facing a decade or more in prison. In another case, a Union Gap man was sentenced two weeks ago to 30 months in prison. Defense attorneys contacted for this story said there are at least two other similar cases from the Yakima area pending in federal court.

“The thing they seem to have in common is there is always a firearm somewhere,” said attorney Jeff Steinborn of Seattle. “If you are growing pot in your garage and there’s a gun in your bedroom, they can charge you. But is that what Congress intended?”

In federal court, defendants effectively have no means for defense because they are not allowed to present evidence that they were operating within state law or growing for personal medical use, said Douglas Hiatt, a Seattle attorney who specializes in medical marijuana cases.

Read the whole thing. This is a total waste of federal law enforcement resources. Meanwhile, a gazillion illegal immigrants with diseases, gang members, etc., are pouring in across the southern border.