From the Examiner:

The social media giant Facebook wants its users to know that it has standards, which is why it removed hunting photos posted by Kendall Jones, a 19-year-old hunter who is also a cheerleader for Texas Tech. But Facebook says a page advocating the murder of Jones does not violate those standards, Twitchy reported Wednesday.

Juneau Empire reporter Matt Woolbright spotted the page and reported it for “harassment” and a “credible threat of violence.” But Facebook told Woolbright the page, named “Kill Kendall Jones,” does not violate their standards.

Moreover, Twitchy said, the page features the very same photos Facebook said violates their standards. It also features a photo of a lion standing triumphantly over a dead Jones.

And, there’s more here at TMZ.

I’ve had enough of Facebook’s manipulative hypocrisy. The main reason I hung out there was that many local friends did, too. In addition, posting there drew far more comments, or at least “likes” than anything I post here. It also makes logging onto other sites easy.

However, on MY websites, I control the content, the advertising (which I don’t allow), and I don’t censor anyone. I’m going to have to think about this….

Update: It would appear that they finally got the message and took the page down. Took them long enough….