In a break from the relentless, daily cry for more gun control coming from the pages of the NY Daily News, some common sense accidentally slips out:

The problem with gun violence isn’t the woman with a concealed carry license at her suburban Target or Chipotle, or the prepper in rural Kansas with a handgun collection. And it isn’t the legal gun owner in Westchester County, N.Y., whose name and address was published by the Journal News after the Sandy Hook shooting.

And yet this is where gun control groups are directing their resources. This and, of course, toward the NRA. Moms and Everytown’s latest initiative is to score politicians on their commitments to gun control, the way the NRA scores on commitment to gun rights.

How does any of this even begin to solve gun crime in cities like Chicago? It doesn’t.

If the gun control groups were less interested in scoring meaningless political points and disarming lawful citizens, and were more interested in reducing gun crime, they’d be on the streets of Englewood, starting community programs to occupy inner-city children and teenagers and pull young men out of gangs and into jobs.

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