The bill is mostly designed to ‘assist’ Senate Democrats up for reelection in ‘red states.’ From The Hill:

The Senate voted to move forward on Monday with legislation aimed at preserving federal lands for hunting and fishing, despite objections from Democrats who wanted the measure to include gun control language.

Sens. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) and Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) said they voted against cloture on the motion to proceed because they don’t think the Senate should be considering a gun bill that doesn’t include reforms such as background checks on all gun sales.

“I cannot vote for a measure that makes owning, possessing or using guns more readily or easily usable when we have failed to act and we have failed to act on common sense, sensible measures that would stop gun violence,” Blumenthal said ahead of the vote. “First things first, let’s reduce gun violence.”

The vote to move it forward was 82-12 in favor — meaning that a whole lot of Democrats were more interested in the intent of the bill (helping red state Dems) than adding on gun control amendments. Those could still come, but I doubt it since then the House would block the bill. BTW, the bill was introduced by a N.C. Democrat, Kay Hagan.

Update 7/10: Now the Dems and Reps are battling each other over tacking on amendments:

Senators of both parties are readying gun-related amendments and are poised to introduce them this week. Republicans want to overturn the ban on large-capacity magazines and assault weapons in the District of Columbia; expand the right to purchase or transport firearms and ammunition across state lines; limit when a military veteran can be denied a firearm due to mental illness; and allow gun owners to carry weapons into post offices or other federal sites. Democrats said they are working on proposals to limit the sale of certain weapons and ammunition; expand the national background-check system; and stiffen penalties for gun straw purchasers.

But then there’s this report:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada blocked a parade of campaign-season votes on gun rights Wednesday that could have been a political thorn for Democrats seeking to retain control of the chamber in this fall’s elections.

The Nevada Democrat used Senate procedures to prevent votes on any amendments to a bipartisan measure expanding hunters’ access to public lands and renewing land conservation programs.

Confused? So am I…

Update 7/11: The bill is dead:

The Senate killed a bipartisan bill Thursday designed to boost hunting and fishing protections — a victim of a long-running war over amendments that came in the shadow of gun politics.

The sportsmen’s bill — a political boon for its chief Democratic sponsor, North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagan — died in a 41-56 procedural vote Thursday. The legislation needed 60 votes to advance.