From Stuff:

Facebook came under fire from hunting advocates and gun rights supporters this weekend when it removed a series of pictures from the account of Kendall Jones, a Texas cheerleader. Jones’ pictures showed her posing with a variety of animals she had shot earlier this month on safari in Zimbabwe, such as the leopard, above.

It was widely assumed that the pictures were removed in response to widespread outcry from animal rights groups over Jones’ trophy snapshots. But that’s not the case, the social network has said - the pictures simply violated Facebook’s terms of service.

Specifically, the pictures were deemed to break a rule about “graphic images shared for sadistic effect or to celebrate or glorify violence,” as outlined in this page on Facebook Community Standards.

Dumb quotes from Facebook at the link. This begs the question because there are a ton of user pictures on FB of hunters proudly posing with their deer, or what-have-you. Of course those didn’t generate 300,000 emails of protest from the anti-hunting crowd.