There’s no end to liberals’ quest to make everything about racism:

Black dogs get euthanized at higher rates. They linger at pounds and adoption agencies for longer than light-colored dogs, and they are less likely to find a home. Marika Bell, director of behavior and rehoming for the Humane Society of Washington, D.C., says the organization has been tracking animals that have stayed at their shelters the longest since March 2013. They found that three characteristics put a pet at risk of becoming one of these so-called “hidden gems”: medium size, an age of 2-3 years, and an ebony coat.

I will, in fairness to Slate, point out that after the first two paragraphs, far more logical reasons for the ‘unpopularity’ of black dogs are given. The title and first paragraph might have been snark.

I adopted a black cat. She was good luck for both of us.