Somehow, I missed this admission in the Wall Street Journal the other day:

Now Mr. Glaze, 43 years old, has stepped away from the fight. Friday marked his last day working for Mr. Bloomberg’s organization, now called Everytown for Gun Safety, after three and a half years as executive director.

[ . . . ]

And Mr. Glaze said the movement hasn’t solved one of its signature problems: Many mass shootings wouldn’t have been stopped by tighter regulations proposed by gun-control advocates, even if they might have prevented other gun crimes.

Much more at the link. Of course, it’s the (rarer than the MSM makes it out to be) “mass shootings” that the media and pandering politicians focus on, rather than where the real high-death-toll numbers are coming from: The street gangs. And, no gun control law is going to prevent that. The public has no stomach for criminal control.