From taxpayer funded NPR:

Just hours after a another school shooting, President Obama was asked what he was going to do about these kinds of incidents.

“The country has to do some soul searching about this,” Obama said. “This is becoming the norm and we take it for granted in ways that as a parent are terrifying to me.”

Obama went on for about seven minutes. He was talking , the founder of the microblogging site Tumblr. He said the core of the issue is not mental health, but ready access to guns and large caches of ammunition.

What a lying, pandering fool! Of course it’s about mental health. There are a hundred-million gun owners in this country that DIDN’T go on a shooting rampage yesterday and all of them had ready access to their guns. And, what the hell is the definition of “large caches of ammunition?” A box of fifty?

Furthermore, the real slaughter — to put it in a hyperbolic way — is occurring in the streets by gang members — a majority of them Black and Hispanic. Shouldn’t the real “soul searching” be focused on THAT, and the root causes of THAT? Or, would that be racist?