Jamaica isn’t the most tolerant of countries when it comes to gays, but apparently they’re becoming more so at the barrel of a gun. Here’s a headline from the Jamaica Observer:

Gun-toting gays drive fear in citizens of garrison communities.

The article is a hoot for the way it’s written, and it quotes people absolutely verbatim:

A woman who was in earshot answered his question without flinching.

“A b…man dat. Nuh look pan him too hard,” the woman said, “a pure bad man him tek.”

As the man engaged in conversation with some of the women present, no one even flinched or displayed any sign of antagonism toward him.

One of the women even joked that he was boasting a ‘hickey’ on his neck.

“But you have hickey, man?” the woman said.

“How you mean? You no see rain a fall an’ me haffi get me hickey,” the man said.

* * * * * *

One resident of the community spoke to the newspaper on condition of anonymity.

“The people get used to him. Nobody don’t trouble him and, worse, the woman dem love the almshouse. The boy dem might run him but nobody nuh beat him and, worse, dem look up to him father when him was alive,” the woman said.

* * * * * *

The man admitted to being a prostitute and said that his “best” client was a leading member of a popular gang.

“When him come him rent big hotel room and him just take out him gun put it pan the dresser and deal with me. If yu see him the next day and call him b… man yu dead,” said the man who gave his name as ‘Emily’.