A Democrat has introduced a bill in California that would pretty much empower anyone to prevent anyone else from purchasing or owning a firearm. From KEYT TV:

Williams said AB1014 works like a gun violence restraining order. It would allow parents, spouses and others to ask a court judge to prevent a loved one from purchasing a gun if they are deemed a threat to themselves or others.

More here from CAL-FFL:

Under the proposed law, California gun owners could face a loss of their Second Amendment gun rights and confiscation of their firearms without prior warning. The proposed law allows the government up to two weeks following the issuance of a restraining order to set a hearing in which the subject of the order could argue for the reinstatement of their Second Amendment rights and return of any firearms seized.

“AB 1014 is a gun control nightmare,” said Brandon Combs, president of CAL-FFL. “California Democrats are taking their radical anti-gun agenda to an entirely new and horrifying level.” … “The subject of a restraining order and confiscation warrant may not even know they have been accused until there’s a SWAT team at their door.”

According to the bill’s text, courts would be required to issue a restraining order if a person -– who doesn’t even have to know the target of the order -– submits a form saying that a gun owner “poses a significant risk of personal injury to himself, herself, or others by owning or possessing” guns.

You’ve heard of SWATTING? This could be worse. Anyone, some angry liberal who doesn’t like something you said or wrote, could get the “restraining order” on just his say-so, and it’s up to you to prove you’re not a risk.

Meanwhile, CA Senator Barbara Boxer is proposing something similar at the national level.