The Houston News has a great letter-to-the-editor lamenting that common sense is gone and it’s a wonder that any of us survived:

We rode in the back of pickups, and carried shotguns and rifles in hangers, mounted on rear windows. Every boy, and quite a few girls, dreamed of getting their first B-B gun for Christmas—and moving up to a single-shot twenty-two rifle in a year or so. And it was a dream of every father to one day see his son or daughter open that sought after Christmas present. We climbed trees and jumped from limb to limb without safety ropes or nets for protection. We smoked cigarettes on school busses, took pistols to school to show our principal. There was no thought of harming others—it was something we did for show-and-tell! We sometimes lit a string of baby firecrackers on Main Street—and everyone around thought it was fun, and no harm was intended.

Much more at the link. I love the part about playing with mercury! My friends and I did that all the time. We’d break-open thermometers and “silent light switches” and roll the stuff around in our hands. Somehow, the EPA and a dozen men in hazmat suits weren’t needed.