CCW permit holders can now carry in restaurants that serve alcohol, provided that the bulk of the establishment’s business is food and not booze. Off duty cops can now carry in bars. In addition, the state’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law has been expanded:

The second bill signed by Jindal will expand the “stand your ground” law in Louisiana. Under current law, a person who kills an intruder coming into his car or house is given the benefit of the doubt and can use self-defense as a lawful reason for the killing. But the same self-defense argument could not be legally applied to situations where a person hurt, but didn’t kill, the intruder.

Metairie Rep. Joe Lopinto, the sponsor of the legislation, said he wanted to close that loophole. People who end up harming — but not killing — an intruder or a carjacker should not be charged with murder if those who kill those people don’t face those consequences, he said.

Prior, if an attacked citizen wounds, but doesn’t kill an intruder, he could have been charged with murder? And yes, that’s a question.