The Teachers there might be aghast, but the residents don’t seem to mind:

While cities across the country are rushing to enforce harsh zero tolerance policies for youths with toy guns, one Kansas town is having an all-out water-gun war to mark the beginning of summer.

In Lindsborg, it will be a strictly bring your own water-gun requirement for participants in the city’s “School’s Out Community Wide Water Fight” scheduled for May 30 at Swensson Park.

“We think this will be a great kick off to summer and a way to get everyone excited about Front Porch Friday which will be a regular event happening in Lindsborg the last Friday of every month,” read the press release from the city.

Local Lindsborgians as well as visitors are advised to dust off their supersoakers, but a strict “no water balloons” policy will be enforced. For ease of reloading during the expected soggy conflict, water stations will be prepositioned around the park. For the benefit of unarmed observers, dry zones will be set aside.

Good for them! Great for the kids (of all ages) who get to be kids again. If any of you are planning to be there, please send me pics that I can post here for the benefit of other politically incorrect readers.