Because Massachusetts:

Democrats in the Legislature are preparing to unveil a sweeping gun safety bill next week that’s expected to put new limits on gun licensing, restrict private sales, expand background checks for gun buyers and strengthen reporting rules for gun owners with mental health issues, said a spokesman for House Speaker Robert DeLeo.

In the late 1990’s, Massachusetts passed super-strict gun control laws. So, how’s that working out? Jim Wallace of the MA Gun Owners’ Action League points out:

Murders committed with firearms have risen dramatically since the regulations went into effect, from 65 in 1998 to 122 in 2011, according to the FBI, while legal gun ownership plummeted.

“Our numbers [registered gun owners] have dropped by 80 percent, while at the same time gun-related murders are up 100 percent,” Wallace said. “And their answer to that is to push more gun control.”

Which is, as the saying goes, the definition of insanity.