From the Bangor Daily News:

Because this technology provides a positive and safer experience, I believe the number of gun enthusiasts will rise. Families will be able to protect themselves from criminals while guaranteeing that a child cannot fire the gun. For Armatix, safety is a multi-dimensional concept: We think that guns should make you safer without adding the risk of a terrible family tragedy.

The safety mechanisms that I designed are completely in line with the values underpinning the U.S. gun-rights movement and represent a market-driven approach to firearm safety. It’s about having access to more technology features and the right to choose the firearm that best suits your needs. This is a solution everyone should be able to get behind.

Those are the concluding paragraphs. Read the whole thing.

It doesn’t change my mind about the guns being unreliable for personal defense because the technology is subject to dead batteries, not remembering a 5-digit code in ‘the heat of the moment,’ and having to wear some clunky watch-like device. But, I’ll defend his right to manufacture them and offer them for sale. My biggest problem of all is when state legislatures decide that this is the only type of firearm that can now be sold.