*Their food is deadly enough. From Breitbart:

On May 9th Jack in the Box announced it would “prefer guests not bring their guns inside [Jack in the Box] restaurants.”

This announcement comes in response to a Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (Moms Demand) campaign aimed at securing an all-out gun ban in Jack in the Box corporate stores. Moms Demand also wanted franchises to be pressured into banning guns as well.

Moms Demand started the campaign after customers legally carried their rifles into a Fort Worth, Texas, Jack in the Box last week.

“Prefer.” Hmmm…

*Confession: When I was in High School, there was a Jack in the Box near my home and I frequented it A LOT. Great burgers and shakes. Then, I guess, there was an outbreak of bad meat at some of their West Coast stores. Anyway, eventually the chain left New Jersey. Fortunately, Wendy’s moved in.