From the Star Herald:

A trade association for firearms manufacturers and retailers is lobbying Wyoming and other states to report involuntary mental health commitments to a federal database that produces background checks for gun purchasers.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation, based in Newtown, Connecticut, wants Wyoming to report all involuntary commitments to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. It says it’s responding in part to recent mass shootings in in which mental illness may or was determined to have been a factor.

“There are a lot of individuals who have involuntary commitments, who have pleaded guilty by way of insanity, that aren’t included in the system,” said Jake McGuigan, the foundation’s director of governmental relations and state affairs. “And the last thing that we want to have happen is having prohibited people gain access to firearms.”

If we’re talking about “involuntary commitments,” then I have no problem with it. Let’s say, though, that a person gets healed. Is there a way to restore his rights?