He says that if the pro-gun side writes the legislation, it will be in our favor. Otherwise, we’re bound to lose in the end:

“If we write a background check bill we could write it in a way that protects our rights,” Gottlieb explained. “If we let the other side do it it’s not going to protect our rights and it’ll be a disaster because Bloomberg wants to write it in a way that’s more than a disaster.”

“So, the question is do we lead or do we follow?” he asked.

“I think we need to lead, something we haven’t done because now we’re seeing background check measures on ballots in various states that are extremely draconian that really do attack our rights and we have a problem because the public perception is basically ‘Hey, what’s wrong with a background check?’”

More, and video at the link.

My problem is that the anti-gun side doesn’t compromise. They define what is “sensible” and “reasonable.” And, once the legislation is written, all sorts of bans or restrictions will be added as amendments. Read the whole thing and decide for yourself.