All sports leagues and teams (NFL, MLB, etc.) are VERY protective of their trademarks. I would think that everybody knew that. One gun store didn’t: reported Tuesday that a gun show in Chantilly, Va., a Caroline County gun shop had an AR-15 assault rifle on display. That wasn’t odd at a gun show.

What was odd was that the rifle had the Redskins logo emblazoned on it. The weapon has piqued the curiosity of the NFL.

“We are looking into it,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello wrote in an email to Washingtonian. “We do not license manufacturers of firearms for use of NFL marks or logos.” reported that Aiello stressed that the issue was one of licensing, not a position on the Second Amendment - the right to bear arms.

An employee for the store said that the gun was not for sale, but according to the story, it’s implied on the store’s website that it is for sale. Photo of the gun at the link.