The Boston Globe has a tiresome article about how drug dealers (generally of heroin) travel to Vermont and trade drugs for guns. Naturally, the problem must be the cheap supply of heroin in Massachusetts. Oh, sorry, I mean the cheap and easy supply of guns in Vermont. From the Boston Globe:

The intersection of guns and drugs is spawning a wide range of related crimes, Mostyn said. Firearms are being stolen in Vermont and then exchanged for some of the more than $2 million in heroin and other opiates that flood Vermont every week, officials said. And addicts desperate for a daily fix are stealing from their families and strangers to pay for it.

[ . . . ]

A task force of local police, ATF agents, and State Police has been assembled in Western Massachusetts to combat problems posed by guns and drugs. John Rosenthal, cofounder of the Newton-based Stop Handgun Violence, said the task force’s work would be helped by national, mandatory background checks on all gun sales.

That’s right, John, those drug addicts will steal a gun and then waltz over to the nearest police station for a background check.