From Bearing Arms:

A 65-year-old man faces an array of charges after he allegedly shot a squirrel in his yard Monday morning.

James Toigo, 258 Housatonic Dr., was charged with unlawful discharge of a firearm, cruelty to an animal, first-degree reckless endangerment, second-degree breach of peace, failure to register an assault rifle and three counts of possessing large-capacity magazines, according to a police press release.

Granted, he violated other ordinances which is what brought the cops to his home in the first place. This confirms what I posted about when I reported that Connecticut State Police weren’t planning to bust-down doors searching for unregistered “assault weapons.” I warned:

Left unsaid is that if they catch you with an unregistered firearm — say during a traffic stop or a domestic violence investigation — they could cite you for that (piling on the charges, as cops are wont to do).

That is what happened here, in this case.