If you live in Rhode Island, pay attention! From the NRA-ILA:

More than a dozen gun bills are on the agenda for this Senate committee hearing that will go well into the evening [TONIGHT! APRIL 15]. Among the most egregious are:

Senate Bill 2632, sponsored by state Senators Joshua Miller (D-28), Donna Nesselbush (D-15), Catherine Cool Rumsey (D-34), Gayle Goldin (D-3) and Juan Pichardo (D-2), would impose burdensome restrictions on semi-automatic “assault weapons” and limit magazine capacity to an arbitrary ten rounds. These bills will do nothing to address crime in Rhode Island. Criminals, by definition, do not obey the law and will certainly violate any gun ban or magazine restrictions. This bill will only handicap the ability of lawful citizens to defend themselves and their families by tipping the scales in favor of criminals.

Another bill would turn Rhode Island from a “shall issue” to a “may issue” CCW permit state. More at the link including ways to contact your state lawmakers.