From an editorial in today’s Union Leader (NH):

Requiring manufacturers to include single-user restrictions in every handgun renders the weapons useless for anyone else who might need them for protection. Gun-owning families often have one gun in the home, to be used by whichever adult might need it in an emergency.

Holder would require every adult to have his or her own gun, a needless expense.

Despite what he might have seen in the movies, the technology for this is not yet perfected. And making handguns more complex raises their cost and their risk of malfunction. Gun ownership is a constitutional right. Is Holder prepared to price that right out of reach of the poor (who need it the most)?

That was always my argument against banning “Saturday night specials.” It keeps the poor from being able to purchase guns, and they’re the ones — living in bad neighborhoods — that arguably need a means of self-protection the most.