I’m all for concealed carry and, yes, I do believe it brings crime levels down. But, too many are making too much of a three-month dip in Chicago’s violent crime rate. AWR Hawkins is one of them:

Police began accepting applications for CCHs in January, and CBS Chicago reported that the permits began to be mailed to approved applicants in February.

At the same time, Chicago’s ABC 7 reports that “the first three months of 2014 saw 6 fewer murders than the same time frame in 2013… and 55 fewer murders than 2012.”

So… the same time period in 2013 saw a significant drop in murders from the previous year (2012), but no one had a CCW permit in 2013. Yet, here’s the headline of Hawkin’s story: Chicago Has Concealed Carry, Lowest Murder Rate in 56 Years

Hawkins and others are implying that the new ability of law abiding Chicago residents to conceal-carry is the reason. While the future might bear that out, I believe that two months worth of data is insufficient for such a claim. It could be a factor, but may I suggest that the weather played a part? Chicago has just suffered one of the coldest and snowiest Winters on record. Even thugs know enough to come in out of the “Polar Vortex” as it were. Just sayin’….