Theoretically, the bill is really about police being able to charge a weekly storage fee ($4 dollars per gun) when they confiscate them as a result of a domestic dispute restraining order. From Vermont Watchdog:

State Sen. Joe Benning, R-Caledonia, blasted the bill, saying Vermonters would be “deprived of their property and … told they have to pay to get it back without ever having had a day in court.” Confiscating Vermonters’ property without due process violates the U.S. Constitution, he said.

“I don’t own a gun, but I do care about the Constitution, and when you bypass that, I find that offensive.”

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When Watchdog asked Cutler why the bill sailed through the House without controversy, he replied, “They didn’t know it was a forfeiture bill; they thought it was a fee bill.”

Much more at the link. Federal law says that if you are convicted of domestic violence, you cannot possess guns. This Vermont bill would allow confiscation based upon an allegation. Restraining orders are easy to get.