The Obama administration, determined to ruin everything in this country, is now siccing its EPA against wood stoves:

A federal proposal requiring more efficiency from wood-burning stoves has ignited a debate between the Obama administration and lawmakers who oppose the new regulations, arguing the rules impose an unfair burden on people in remote areas.

The Environmental Protection Agency proposed a rule changes in January that would dramatically tighten emissions requirements on new wood-powered heaters, though does not impact ones already in homes.

[ . . . ]

Last week, [South Dakota Sen.] Thune wrote EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy asking her to abandon the proposed changes and work with Congress to find a more balanced approach.

“South Dakota and many other states are continuing to deal with a propane shortage, which has resulted in record-high propane prices,” Thune wrote. “Many families turn to secondary sources of heat, such as wood stoves, when propane and heating fuel prices increase.” Residential propane prices surged this winter to $4 a gallon, nearly double the typical rate.

Plus, wood is a renewable energy source. Isn’t that what the administration supposedly wants to support?