Here’s the headline from the Dallas Morning News:

Eyes turn to shop that sold guns used in 2 Fort Hood attacks

Really? Why? Both gun sales were perfectly legal, with NICS (FBI) background checks. The article finally admits to that after first focusing on the “three thousand guns in stock” claims by the store and the posters on the wall. Yet, the gun store is getting threatening emails and phone calls by the angry left that need someone to blame, other than the shooter. I’m sure that when a drunk plows his F-150 into a car, the angry left pickets the Ford dealership where it was purchased.

Meanwhile, from the AP, we’re getting this brilliant headline:

Fort Hood gunman had ‘unstable’ mental condition

Gee, I wonder what tipped them off, you know, other than his gunning down a bunch of people?

If it was known that the shooter had a mental condition prior to the tragic event, that should have been reported and dealt with. That must not have been the case, since he wasn’t confined to a hospital, and the NICS background check allowed the purchase of a firearm to go through. The gun store is blameless. Incidentally, since it’s the only gun store in the area, is it really surprising that both Fort Hood shooters would have bought their weapons there?