Ajay Rochester moved from Australia to Los Angeles and was featured in “The Biggest Loser.” Two weeks ago her home was broken into. And now…:

The Sydney-born TV personality, who is currently based in LA, told Kyle and Jackie O that her ‘life disintegrated’ when she found out that as well as receiving death threats herself, her son was also sent a terrifying text message.

Speaking to the radio duo on Kiis FM, Ajay said the threat came from one of the three men who broke into her Los Angeles home a week and a half ago and stole several items.

The former Biggest Loser host says she is now prepared to take drastic measures to protect herself and her son.

The shaken up star added: ‘I’m going to the gun range this weekend, I already have my shooters license.

‘I fully support Australia’s gun laws, I do, that said I’ve never had direct threats made against me and my child. I am purchasing a hand gun and I will be sleeping with it.’

Correct me if I’m wrong, but in Australia, I believe that to own a pistol, you must belong to a certified gun club, and the pistol must be kept at the gun club. Long guns can be kept at home. So, she supports (fully!) the anti-gun laws of her country of birth, but is — relieved? — that she can keep a pistol at home in the U.S. for protection. Hmm… Another Hollywood hypocrite.