At Blowhard’s Businessweek, Paul M. Barrett writes:

Global Digital’s Richard Sullivan, who eventually got back to me, insists that his ardor for Freedom is genuine. Despite the puny financial scale of his current operation, which trades over-the-counter and has a market capitalization of less than $60 million, Sullivan says he has a long history of starting and acquiring companies—and that he has big ideas for consolidating the fragmented U.S. gun business.

[ . . . ]

As best I could tell, Sullivan shares an ambition with a number of other techies to implant firearms with chips that would allow owners to prevent unauthorized people (children, thieves) from misusing their weapons. Such “smart gun” technology theoretically could help locate lost guns and allow for digitally enhanced targeting.

The Freedom Group (held by Cerberus Capital Management) includes Remington, Bushmaster, DPMS/Panther Arms, Marlin, Para USA, and Barnes Bullets.

So, really the goal is the same as the unproven technology about to be required by N.J. and maybe California. I wonder if Global Digital also owns a gaudy watch company?

Related: One of the Democratic candidates for Massachusetts Attorney General also wants to require digital fingerprint tech in new guns.