From the National Journal:

This week, the Tennessee General Assembly repealed the state’s long-standing ban on switchblades, or, as their purveyors like to call them “automatic knives.” It was one more victory for the nascent knife-rights movement, a push to legalize deadly blades that’s occurring mostly out of the mainstream eye.

[ . . . ]

“We are really rewriting knife law in America,” says Doug Ritter, the chairman of Knife Rights.

Ritter, an Arizona journalist and outdoorsman, founded Knife Rights in 2006 after he was riled by an article in The Wall Street Journal that he felt unfairly stigmatized knives as a societal threat. “I basically had an epiphany,” Ritter said. “There was not an NRA for knife owners.”

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“Counting Tennessee, we’ve passed 13 bills in 11 states in four years,” Ritter says. “That’s a pretty admirable record.”

Considering that it’s a very small organization with only one state-level lobbyist, that’s a stellar record.