No big surprise. From

A bill that would reduce how many rounds a gun ammunition magazine is allowed to hold has taken another step closer to Gov. Chris Christie’s desk.

The state Assembly today voted 46-31 to pass the legislation, which would reduce the permitted capacity from 15 rounds to 10.

A couple of things. The bill does exempt .22 tubular magazine rifles. It also (hypocritically) exempts retired cops.

A quick reading of the bill doesn’t disclose a provision for those who already own such firearms or magazines, meaning that if the bill becomes law, it instantly criminalizes a million N.J. residents.

On the bright side, the article hints that Gov. Christie might veto the bill:

Republican Gov. Chris Christie has not said whether he supports the measure, though in response to a question at a town hall last week he hinted he would not sign it by saying he’s vetoed more bills than any governor since at least 1947.

If he is at all considering a run for the Republican nomination for President in the primaries in a couple of years, he’d better NOT sign it, though his brand is already damaged by all the anti-gun bills he has signed.

To my N.J. readers: I sympathize with you, brothers and sisters. I really do. It’s one of the reasons why I got the hell out of N.J. and moved to Vermont 21-years-ago. I’ve never been back there since.