According to the top-cop there, no:

There are also questions about how the state plans on enforcing this law. Talk on internet forums and social media say some police are refusing to comply with it or that police will go house to house confiscating unregistered weapons.

The new head of the state police, Dora Schriro, says she knows her troopers will live up to their oath to serve and protect. She wants to make very clear that the talk of confiscation is nonsense.
“There’s no plan in place nor has there been any execution of a plan where we would, for example, go door-to-door and be actively involved in the confiscation of weapons,” says Schriro, who took over as Commissioner of Emergency Services and Public Protection at the end of January.

Left unsaid is that if they catch you with an unregistered firearm — say during a traffic stop or a domestic violence investigation — they could cite you for that (piling on the charges, as cops are wont to do).

I kind of doubt the door-to-door scenario myself, because the optics would be awful.