From the Washington Times:

A firestorm of backlash has been mounting against a South Carolina pub that put a derogatory sign in its store window telling gun owners to keep out.

Backstreets Pub & Deli in Clemson has a one-star rating out of five on Yelp, with pages upon pages of negative comments and reviews by Second Amendment supporters.

“NO CONCEALED WEAPONS ALLOWED,” the sign warns. “If you are such a loser that you feel a need to carry a gun with you when you go out, I do not want your business. Douchebag.”

Naturally, I had to check it out on Yelp. You know, a business owner has the right to put up a simple sign saying “No Guns” if that is what they want. Adding the gratuitous insults afterwards is totally uncalled for and I’m glad for the blow-back by the gun owning community. Some of it is pretty funny:

After eating here I got violent diarrhea. I also was vomiting uncontrollably. It was coming out both ends, it was so horrible. And all I ordered was a glass of water. On the way the bathroom when I saw the kitchen and I saw cockroaches climbing on the walls, I took a picture and posted it. I was also surprised to see a glory hole in the men’s bathroom. Not really into the gay thing but if you’re looking for a good time this may be the place for you. [Followed by a photo of a swarm of cockroaches -ed.]

* * * * *

I ate here last night, and now I’m violently Ill. I haven’t been able to leave the bathroom, and on top of that, I ordered beer seeing as it was St. Pattys day and they decided to make it festive with Green Dye, I’m sure the beer consisted of a 60/40 mix and now my vomit is dark green.

the atmosphere was horrible, with a tacky sign on the door calling people with CCW permits douchbags.

the service was appalling, should have taken the sign on the door as a warning. Over weight, grease stained tank top servers. Food came cold and kind of off tasting, and the beer (as stated earlier) was dyed green, and were flat, they may have just given me a pint of green dye with water and charged me for beer, idk.

* * * * *

All these gun guys have it all wrong.

Notice the period after “I do not want your business.” Meaning he signed it as “Douchebag.”

He isn’t calling gun owners douchebags, he is calling himself a douchebag.

* * * * *

As for the food Backstreets Pub & Grill, you would expect something decent, and what you get instead is the gluey texture and bland flavor of a wartime MRE. The flavor of their wings are akin to that of overcooked McDonald’s chicken nuggets at 4x the price. They delivered fried chicken to me that still had feathers attached to it. Their pizza has a texture and astringent flavor that brought paint primer to mind. The cooks end up looking like demons stoking the fires of hell. The food makes you think you’ve arrived there.

To make things worse, the overall dining experience was rendered tortuous by the intensely stupid service.

I would rather pay $5 to chew on an old lady’s chin mole than eat this ever again. Just kneeling on the sidewalk outside and licking it will give you the same experience as eating there. Well, ok, to be fair, the sidewalk will probably make you less sick.

* * * * *

No guns = no $$
Is this really SC?! I could understand if in NY, NJ, CT, MD etc.
Plenty of other places that want my $$.

Now, we all know that some of those reviews are fake — the authors never really visited the restaurant and are just venting (as it were) over the rude sign in the window. The point is, the owner of the place made a really stupid decision to insult gun owners and now he’s paying the price.

Incidentally, the owner of the establishment in question told the Washington Times that, “he’s a big supporter of gun rights and has had a concealed weapons permit since 2001, but doesn’t feel guns have any place in a college town.” So, he’s a hypocrite. If he has a CCW, I guess he’s a “loser” and a “douche bag” too.