Not very often, and gun control there is very strict. But, a citizen militia came in handy last year:

The Knights Templar decided in 2012 to start taking over most of the profitable groves in Michoacán. After failing to receive any meaningful help protecting their property from the Mexican military, local farmers organized into vigilante “autodefensas” beginning in February 2013 and started relentlessly retaliating against the drug lords.

The Mexican government was so impressed with the success and tenacity of the autodefensas at wiping out the Knights Templar infrastructure, Mexico City expanded its own efforts to target The Knights Templar and signed a joint venture on January 27th to bring the self-defense groups into the fold. The coordinated efforts of the 20,000 armed members of the autodefensas and the federal government have caused substantial leadership losses for the Knights Templar. Virtually all the avocado farms are back under the control of the owners and the vigilantes are now the de facto authorities in most Michoacán’s townships and serve to keep local government officials accountable. Drug cartels across Mexico are now trying to avoid antagonistic actions among the common Mexican people that might generate more autodefensas movements.

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