From the Saratogian:

Hundreds of gun rights advocates turned out for a meeting here Sunday that was in equal parts a rally against Gov. Andrew Cuomo and a teach-in on how to not comply with his SAFE Act assault weapons registration law.

The event, put on by the NY2A Grassroots Coalition, ended with a show of civil disobedience as dozens of attendees filed out of the Saratoga Springs Elks Lodge to burn NYS Police Assault Weapons Registration forms in a barbeque grill set up for the purpose.

“We are demonstrating to New York state that we will not be registering our firearms with the state,” one protester said, tending the fire. “We refuse to register.”

Same as many in Connecticut. The fact is, passing laws that turn law-abiding citizens into criminals is just plain wrong, and generally doesn’t work. And, even if every NY citizen obeyed the new law and registered their guns, it wouldn’t do a thing to lower crime rates. Why? Because criminals don’t obey the law and aren’t registering their guns. Liberal garbage like Cuomo and Malloy will never understand that.