Even if they’re not actually recording the calls or texts, quite a bit:

Volunteers in metadata study called gun stores, strip clubs, and more
Stanford research shows even when offering up metadata, it’s very revealing.

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So what was revealed, precisely? Mayer and his team showed that participants called public numbers of “Alcoholics Anonymous, gun stores, NARAL Pro-Choice, labor unions, divorce lawyers, sexually transmitted disease clinics, a Canadian import pharmacy, strip clubs, and much more.”

The researchers were even surprised that they had real-world results to support a classic nightmare scenario feared by many civil libertarians and privacy activists.

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Participant C made a number of calls to a firearm store that specializes in the AR semiautomatic rifle platform. They also spoke at length with customer service for a firearm manufacturer that produces an AR line.

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“We were able to corroborate Participant B’s medical condition and Participant C’s firearm ownership using public information sources,” the team added.

More at the link. Data collectors that track your web browsing know even more about you. They don’t need firearm registration to know who owns what…

Isn’t it interesting that Democrats weren’t concerned about the wide snooping by the NSA until it was revealed that their Senate committee was being monitored.