A group of “anonymous students” threatened “physical actions” if the college didn’t meet their lengthy list of demands. Showing bold leadership, Dartmouth has caved to their threats:

The initial student letter called for greater diversity in the faculty and post-doctoral program as well as an increase in enrollment for Black, Latino, and Native American students to 10 percent of the student population each. The anonymous students also demanded that all students be required to take classes on “social justice” and “marginalization,” that gender-neutral housing be available for all students, and that restrictions on the use of the term “illegal immigrants” be imposed.

In response to the demands for racial quotas, Dartmouth plans to allocate $1 million to hire faculty “who bring diverse perspectives to campus.” Another $30 million will also be spent to bring in more minorities for the post-doctorate program.

The college also promised to provide funds for financial aid students to participate in off-campus programs, will expand the E.E. Just program to support the academic success of minority students in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and promised to “do more.”

Oh, and here’s a laugher:

Dartmouth’s president and provost wrote that “we will continue to host and support forums that welcome all ideas with open-minded consideration and respectful dialogue — in a way that does not disrupt campus activities — and provide everyone a voice and a chance to be heard.”

Oh, does that mean they’ll start allowing conservatives to speak at the college? Or, that the free speech “progressives” who dominate the student body will?