From the Press Enterprise (CA):

…The U.S. Marine regularly visits Steele Peak, an open shooting area managed by the Bureau of Land Management west of Perris, to have fun and sharpen his shooting skills.

What he and others — including BLM officials — are not pleased with is the trash left behind by some visitors.

The area is peppered with spent shotgun shells, casings, mangled milk jugs, splintered wood targets, plastic grocery bags, water bottles and other random refuse.

[ . . . ]

That debris could end the fun for Kirk and many other gun enthusiasts in the region who take advantage of the free shooting range. Land management officials are monitoring the area, and if the trash pileup continues, the area could be shut down.

This is a problem at a lot of public ranges — total disrespect for the environment of the range and of others that will be using it in the future. Most ranges in VT and NH are private — membership only — and shooters are pretty good about cleaning up after themselves.