They go together like hand in glove:

Kurtz said, “You were accused of injecting politics into halftime, and Fox News’s Greg Gutfeld said you were ‘a hypocritical buffoon’ because you’re in New York, and you’re surrounded by armed guards, and you don’t have to worry about safety.”

Costas responded, “In truth, Greg was accurate if you consider one-hundred-eighty degrees from the truth accurate. I have never had a personal bodyguard a single day in my life. There are security people at NFL games that the NFL employs, and there is always massive security at an Olympics, and there… is NBC security.”

So he’s pretty much protected from the moment he exits his car at work until later when he gets back into it to go home. But, since he’s not paying for the protection, that somehow makes him not a hypocrite, according to him.