A church in upstate NY is planning an AR-15 Raffle. Here’s how the local paper covers it:

An upstate New York church pastor who supports gun ownership rights says he plans to raffle a legal AR-15 rifle during an upcoming Sunday service.

The Rev. John Koletas of the Grace Baptist Church in Troy tells local media that he’s showing support for owners and hunters by giving away the modified weapon, the same type that was used to kill 20 children and six staff members at Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012.

Well of course they have to mention Sandy Hook (although, wasn’t the AR-15 left in the car? Didn’t the mutant use handguns instead?) to impact their liberal readers.

BTW, since the article states that this is a “legal” AR-15 that complies with current NY gun laws, that means the gun being given away doesn’t even resemble the one from Sandy Hook. In fact, a NY Safe Act compliant AR-15 is like putting a bull with one ball out to stud.

Of course, this newspaper is so dishonestly trying to “scare” its low information readers that it also shows the following “file” photo of a clearly non-NY compliant AR-15:

Note that some of the ammo shown isn’t even for an AR-15. I suppose that if a church was raffling off a .38 special, they’d remind the readership that such a revolver was used in such-and-such a crime at one time and then show a picture of Dirty Harry with a .44.